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Francesca Ramirez

University of Central Florida

My Mission Statement

I, Francesca Ramirez, am committed to continuously learning and growing professionally and applying those values to a career that will allow me to help people indirectly—driven by my passions in various aspects of business, such as marketing, sales, project management, and the medical industry, specifically spine. My mission is to positively impact others by mending my passions for business and the medical industry. With dedication, commitment, and grit, I will strive to apply my growing knowledge to grow the industry and teach others. 

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Relavent courses

Courses taken throughout my college career that have helped me improve professionally.


GEB 4513

Applied Business Technologies

Weekly persuasive and informative team deliverables on integrative business services such as CRM's. 

Objectives learned:

  • Explain how business technology can be applied and leveraged in all functional departments – marketing, accounting, management, and finance

  • Compare & contrast various CRM systems for firms

  • Analyze the effectiveness of social networking platforms for business

  • Discuss the relationship between business technology and contemporary ethical issues

  • Evaluate and prescribe the appropriate HRIS solution for firms

  • Analyze, evaluate, and present a business technology for a firm.

MAR 3407

Integrated Marketing and Sales

Developed integrated marketing and sales plans with creative strategies and innovative tactics in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets

  • Created our own business that served 1/17 sustainable development UN goals.

  • Established who our company was, target market, company positioning, and marketing strategy through deliverables

  • Used the SPIN method to demonstrate effective selling skills through role-plays

  • Developed effective oral communication skills by presenting and performing in different role-playing exercises.

  • Used creativity and innovation skills to solve cases and challenges in role-play exercises. 

MAN 3302

Human Resource Management

​Practiced the development and implementation of HR policies and practices. Legal issues and relationships with other business functions were emphasized.

  • Used behavioral science principles to find solutions for work-related performance problems

  • Discussed HRM policies and procedures

  • Created employee recruitment and selection policies

  • Discussed employee compensation and benefits strategies and how to apply them personally.

  • Created effective employee performance management systems

GEB 4451

Business Climate Analysis

Examined the impact of change in the external macro environment on industries and individual businesses using the PESTEL framework. Used class discussions and assignments to further critical thinking and written communication skills.

  • Analyzed the impact of trends in the external environment on the firm.

  • Developed the ability to make high-quality, evidence-based predictions about how trends in the external environment could affect a firm.

  • Engaged in debates/ discussions to share predictions about how trends in the external environment could affect a firm.

  • Developed the ability to critique opposing views.

  • Articulated clear, concise, and compelling positions in writing

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